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Jarvis: 28th October 2005 - Tangier Club, Los Angeles (live)


Jarvis writing on Jarvspace:

The Time: the evening of the 28th of October 2005.
The Place: the Tangier Club in the Silverlake district of Los Angeles.
The Reason: well I went to LA to have talks with various people about my record. & during that time I was going to stay in an apartment with my friends Antony Genn & Martin Slattery (of the group The Hours) who were already there doing some recording. Upon landing at LAX I discovered, via a voice-mail message from Antony, that I was playing at Tangier that night (as part of a residency by Michael Andrews) & that I should get over to the studio they were working in straight away to rehearse.
Thats mates for you. Two run-throughs of the song & a quick shave later I found myself in a Moroccan-themed bar, surrounded by an unfeasibly large number of good-looking boys & girls, waiting for my turn to step up to the oche. You can see the rest of the story for yourself we got there in the end.

Helping out that night besides Antony & Martin (who went on to perform on the recorded version of the song) were Joey Waronker on drums, Justin Meldal-Johnson on bass & Michael Andrews himself on guitar. Id like to thank those guys for their assistance & for providing me with the best cure for jet-lag that Ive ever come across.


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