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Jarvis: April 2005 - Rocket Science (radio)


Jarvis Cocker and Jason Buckle (of The All Seeing I, Fat Truckers and Relaxed Muscle) presented Marc Riley's radio show on two Saturdays while he was away.


Week 1
Birthday Party - Release the Bats
Midlake - Balloon Maker
1969 - The Stooges
Hot Chocolate - Emma
Artery - Potential Silence (Peel session, July '81)
Jem - They
The Fall - Touch Sensitive
British Sea Power - How Will I Ever Find My Way Home?
Prey - Save Yourself (live session)
The Beatles - I'm Only Sleeping
Link Wray - Comanche
The Shortwave Set - Is It Any Wonder
Elton Motello - Jet Boy, Jet Girl
New Order - Turn
Tim Rose - Long Time Man
Prey - Godsy Beat (live session)
Artery - Afterwards (Peel session, July '81)
Frank Black - Headache
Beck - Rental Car
Phuture - Your Only Friend
Prey - Rubber Man (live session)
Sambassadeur - Between the Lines
Sisters of Mercy - Gimme Shelter
Suicide - Cheree
Television - Glory
The Rutles - Cheese and Onions
Warren Zevon - Werewolves of London
Roxy Music - Pyjamarama
Bloc Party - Banquet
Artery - Into the Garden (Peel session, July '81)
Elbow - Not a Job
Doctor Mix - No Fun

Week 2
Cabaret Voltaire - Nag Nag Nag
The Duke Spirit - Love Is an Unfamiliar Name
Andrew Aveling - Not Like Before (live session)
Jonathan Richman - I'm Straight
The Cars - Just What I Needed
The Castaways - Liar Liar
Primal Scream - Rocks
The Cramps - The Hot Pearl Snatch
Andrew Aveling - Everytime (live session)
Littl'ans - Their Way
Jack Scott - I Never Felt Like This
The Dears - 22: The Death of All the Romance
The Killers - Smile Like You Mean It
The Bees - Chicken Payback
Status Quo - Paper Plane
The Chemical Brothers - Believe
Vice Versa - New Girls/Neutrons
Graph - March of the One State
The Cramps - How Far Can Too Far Go
The Mighty Lemon Drops - Like an Angel
The Fall – Cruisers Creek
Pulp - Little Girl (With Blue Eyes)
Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup - She's Got No Hair
Elvis Costello - Pump It Up
Kings of Leon - King of the Rodeo
The Cramps - Aloha From Hell
Richard Hawley - Coles Corner
Philly - Love Action

There was also an interview with Martin Lilleker about his book Beats Working For a Living: The Story of Popular Music in Sheffield 1973-1984.

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