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Jarvis: Beyond the Pale

Beyond the Pale (album sleeve)



Jarvis Cocker (vocals, guitar, percussion)
Serafina Steer (harp, keyboards, vocals)
Emma Smith (violin, guitar, vocals)
Andrew McKinney (bass, vocals)
Jason Buckle (synthesiser, electronic treatments)
Adam Betts (drums, percussion, vocals)

Steve Mackey is published by Kobalt Music Songs Publishing
Jason Domnarski is published by Tofu Queen Music (ASCAP)
Chris Vatalaro is published by Christopher Vatalaro Publishing Designee/PRS

Live recordings made by Andy Pink
Overdubs and vocals recorded at Narcissus Studios by Drew Smith
Mixed at Toast Studios by Craig Silvey (assisted by Max Prior and Dani Spragg)
Mastered by Kevin Metcalfe at Soundmasters Mastering
Vinyl Cut by John Davis at Metropolis

Producers: Jarvis Cocker and Jason Buckle

Cave photograph: Dave Bunnell
Band photograph: Eddie Whelan
Sleeve design: Graeme Swinton at Actually

JARV IS... logo is based on original type designed by Ian Anderson at Designers Republic

Thanks: Jeannette, Geoff and all at Rough Trade, Liam, Andy, James, Anna, Gareth, Pilooski, David Holmes, Guillaume Sorge, Andy Holden, KS, Albert, Camille, Raina, Geoff Barrow, Baxter Dury, Antony Genn, Martin Slattery, NG, John Best, Sigur Ros, Chris Vatalaro, Dan Drury, CANADA (Lope, Oscar and Nico), Tanguy Destable, Oxana Panchenko, Eddie the Wheel, Dave Walsh at Eternal Guitars, Jane McKinney, Oliver and Vincent Marchant, Seamus and Nora Fogarty, Claire and Audrey


  1. Save the Whale (4:30)
  2. Must I Evolve? (6:41)
  3. Am I Missing Something? (6:46)
  4. House Music All Night Long (5:53)
  5. Sometimes I Am Pharaoh (5:17)
  6. Swanky Modes (4:35)
  7. Children of the Echo (6:31)
    Total length: 40:13

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