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Jarvis: Jarvis Cocker' s Musical Map of Sheffield (radio documentary)


BBC Press release:

Jarvis Cocker takes listeners on an intimate tour of Sheffield in this evocative Musical Map, creating a soundtrack of music to drive his memories, feelings and observations about his home town.

"Sheffield's my city, it's where I grew up, and although I've moved away for now, I'd like to try and show you around. Sorry if we get lost, it changes every time I come here," he says.

Jarvis recalls his childhood, listening just to conversations about love and disappointment. He introduces the music of Sheffield legends including Joe Cocker, Cabaret Voltaire, Human League and Artery, and remembers how the city came to life with music in the post-punk era.

He thinks aloud about growing up in a city that was healing its wounds after big industry moved out, and of the confusion of regeneration – the mistakes, the Student Games, the National Centre for Popular Music, the "hole on the ground" shopping wasteland and the housing estates.

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