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Jarvis: Set the Controls For the Heart of the Pelvis (song)

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(Save me from my own hand)

(Now my guard's down)

Ooohhh, set the controls for the heart of the pelvis. Haven't you heard my name rhymes with Elvis and one thing I know is this that your mouth is telling me to give you a big kiss.

(Save me from my own hand)

(Now my guard's down)

Ahhhh, can't you see what's on offer, yeah babe, it's going cheap today. I enter a room and all the girls say: "C'mon Jarv, can I be the first? Oh, you make us so hot we feel we're gonna burst." Oh yeah... So please, so please, don't leave me alone in this double bed. It smells of damp towels and asthma inhalers. Say you're gonna call back later. Save me from these glossy photographs. Save me from my mother's laugh. Save me. That's right girls. That's right girls. Yeah. Save me from my own hand... C'mon... c'mon.... c'mon... (Lots of sighs and moans) Do you know how much I want you? Don't stop.

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