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Jarvis: Slush (song)

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Choral arrangement: Jarvis Cocker

Written by: Jarvis Cocker
Recorded by: Steve Albini


Yesterday you fell out of the sky
Covered all my faults up, just like snow
You turned this place into a winter wonderland
I barely recognise who or where I am

My heart melted at your touch
Turned into slush

This substance does not belong in a city
Just as snow cannot stay on the ground for long
The gritters come and they turn it all to slush
'Cos folks round here, well, they've got to catch the bus

My heart melted at your touch, yeah
Turned into slush


My heart melted at your touch
Turned into slush

And if I could, I would refrigerate this moment
I would preserve it for all time
And I know I don't stand a snowball in hell's chance
So let's sing Auld Lang Syne

Sing it out
Sing it out, now!

My heart melted at your touch
Turned into slush

Jarvis' comments

Press release, March 2009:

Slush is a song I wrote whilst aboard a ship that was sailing up the west coast of Greenland last year. I guess that slush will be the ultimate outcome of global warming.

NME website, 26 May 2009:

I was on this thing organised by Cape Farewell, who take creative people to the North Pole, and they hope that they produce some kind of work that's informed by that experience and climate change. One day the North Pole won't be ice any more, it will be that horrible mucky slush that you get in cities.


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