Do You Remember the First Time? (single)

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Formats and catalogue numbers


21 March 1994

CD - CID574

7" black vinyl - IS574

12" vinyl - 12IS574

Cassette - CIS574

Original UK release.

CD and 12":

  1. Do You Remember the First Time? (4:23)
  2. Street Lites (5:55)
  3. The Babysitter (4:58)

Cassette and 7":

  1. Do You Remember the First Time? (4:23)
  2. Street Lites (5:55)

March 1994

CD - 854 077-2

French release.


  1. Do You Remember the First Time? (4:23)
  2. Razzmatazz (acoustic version) (4:05)
  3. Joyriders (acoustic version) (3:31)
  4. Dogs Are Everywhere (acoustic version) (3:05)

23 August 1996

CD - CID574

UK reissue.

20 November 1996

7" brown vinyl - IS574

UK reissue.

9 June 2023

Streaming and digital download

Newly uploaded to streaming services as "Do You Remember the First Time? EP" with a scan of the original artwork, following Lipgloss in a series of Island Records-era EPs to be reissued to coincide with the 2023 tour.

Sleeve notes

Well do you?
And why did you choose them?
Was it the drink or the time of year
or the position of the planets?

Or was it just their hair?

Promotional video

Details here.

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2 April '94



9 April '94



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23 April '94


5 (re-entry)

7 September '96



NME, 19th March 1994:

Sexual favours single of the week

All things have their place. First adolescent zip fumblings; first secret drug voyages; the first time you realise that after the first time, the whole process may never be as good again.

Pulp are about to experience their first hit single. Not the glossy, synthetic thrill of 'Lip Gloss' (marvellous as it was) but a success that, somewhere in the pop world will make them Top Five idols, the stuff of sleek, white lumousines and (deliberately cheap) plastic sunglasses.

Jarvis is enquiring after our sexual debuts here, but the noise and confusion – the, erm, 'With Or Without You' U2 atmospherics – make this something more splendid than even that. Glam rock stops and glitterbeat synths zoom all over it. That the thrill it provides may only last as long as it takes Jarvis to yelp "I don't care if you screw him!" seems to be the point. After all, falling in lust with lust is never that difficult. The 'Lexicon Of Love' updated.

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