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Pulp: Heart Trouble (song)



Now it's nearly over
I don't feel scared
I don't feel scared at all

And the child
Who is crying at the bottom of the stairs
Well he won't cry much more

And the sky
Oh the sky it looks so dark tonight
The stars have all gone out

And I
I have made my peace at last
And the moon can have my soul

And there's nothing
No please don't touch me
I have died [????] dying to the world

(rough transcription based on live recording from the Limit, 3 March 1987)


Opened Pulp's live set three or four times from December 1986 through into 1987. It was then dropped.

Steven Havenhand remembers:

Heart Trouble was a simple song which didn't require much in terms of rehearsal. It was pretty much done and dusted in the early rehearsals of the new line up. The bass line and drum line was meant to mimic the heartbeat and Russell's violin was the breathing, which wheezes and groans throughout the song.

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