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Pulp: 24th September 1980 - The Ritblat Tube, Royal Hotel, Sheffield (live)


Mark Swift temporarily rejoined Pulp for this concert, deputising for Jimmy Sellars who was unable to drum due to a hand injury. He did, however, sing harmonies with Jarvis on You're Too Cruel - “not that I can sing for toffee, but there you go.”




NMX fanzine, autumn 1980:

There's very little I can tell you about Pulp, because I asked them to send me some information about them and they never did (if you're reading this, why not? Don't you want to be famous?). I saw them at the Royal, which despite the (lack of) atmosphere is by a long way the best place for discovering new talent in Sheffield, and their music seems to be a mixed bag of all things modern, as if they listen to the John Peel show every night in an endless quest for influences. They look so young you think they ought to be too busy studying for their 'O' le­vels to be messing about with these damned pop groups, but I understand one of them works in the fish market. Anyway, they don't appear to have seen enough of life to be obsessed with doom and despair, instead covering more superficial subjects such as 'Message From The Martians' and 'Disco Baby'. Despite comparatively elementary musical ability and a slight togetherness problem they're a fun band and definitely one to watch for in the future.

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