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Pulp: My Mistake (song)

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I am sorry but I seem to have turned up here again
And you've got work to do
I don't want to screw things up for you

Christ this house is cold, so cold
or is that just the way it feels to me?

My mistake
No you don't have to say a thing at all

See I'm on fire
I thought that you could put me out
But I see the table's laid for that fella from the Fire Brigade
Is he gonna hose you down tonight?
Mind my own business
Yes, I agree
I agree

My mistake
But the smoke got in my eyes; I couldn't see

You're looking better than when you hung around with me
So he must be good for you
Doesn't put you through what I put you through
I wish that I could make it all alright
It's not enough to bring you back to me

was my mistake
so give the girl a break
and set her free

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