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Pulp: Pulp Portfolio Project

The Pulp Portfolio Project was started in 2011.

The aim is to make freely available every demo, live track, rarity and interview that Pulp ever recorded. In chronological order.

The project has garnered support from Pulp biographer extrordinaire Mark Sturdy and Will Phillips from the Pulpwiki. Members of contemporaneous Sheffield bands such as Paul Mills (Media Premonition, the Nihilistics and the Premspeak label) and Nick Canute (Heroes of the Beach, Dog Canute) have also contributed tracks from their own archives, as have various other 1980s era fans.

The project has also been given support and good wishes from ex-band members Steven Havenhand (who went as far as recording a previously unheard (and ungigged) Pulp song for the project), Simon Hinkler and Wayne Furniss. Other Sheffield personages such as Mick Hercun and Mike "Daisy" Day from Tsi Tsa have also helped out.

The project takes the form of CD-length downloads which are issued on an irregular basis, complete with contemporaneous sleeve art and some sleeve-notes to help detail the importance of certain tracks and performances.

The downloads are emphatically not for sale and no money (only time) is involved in their construction or issuing.

Lawyers please note - the downloads mentioned contain only tracks that are unavailable to purchase.

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