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Pulp: The Day That Never Happened (song)



The lyrics on the live video are hard to hear. If you can make out any of them then add them here.

[Very incomplete]
The day that never happened
I (walked?) up to an (ugly?) ?
But never thought I (would find?) this here today
I walked (up?) to the (house?) and I was (sane/safe?)
? or other, ?? I prefer to know

I feel it in your (hair?)
I feel your ?? ? (the day?)
Like a fire that’s always burning
I (grew?) ? and falls away
In the light, (another love?)
Then what’s the point and I go (blind?)
(In?) the days (that were?) the nights
And I know what’s in (all the hands/underhand?)

On the day (through the ages?)
Sorry, I (won’t?) leave ‘til ? (to?) do
But you would only try to (hide?)

And I was still too (nervous?)

(A shared emotion?) ? in ?
And I was only right to say
? (changing?) all the (words?) and I was (old?)
The reason ? (tonight?) ? ? ? (show?)

(Alone, with you, those who live?)
(Alone, without you, and those who love?)
(Alone, without you?), and ? ? ?
I feel,
Oh, I feel,
Go away.


The Day That Never Happened was also the name of a concert that took place at The Leadmill on 8th August 1988.

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