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Jarvis: The Chocolate Layers


The Chocolate Layers is a name under which Jarvis Cocker and Steve Mackey remixed a few songs between 1998 and 2001. Probably their most well-known remix is of The Facts of Life by Black Box Recorder

The name seems to have started off as a joke associated with Pulp's experimental B-side That Boy's Evil. As well as appearing on the A Little Soul single, the track was also issued in small numbers as a promo one-track white-label single. This promo contained no mention of Pulp and was credited to The Chocolate Layers, which the accompanying press release claimed were soon-to-be-famous "hot new West Coast underground funkateers".

That Boy's Evil includes a garbled recording of some American teenagers talking, which includes the phrase 'chocolate layers'. This is quite possibly where the name originated.

Jarvis and Steve have not used the name since 2001, although they have worked together on a number of projects since.

Associated releases

That Boy's Evil
  • Date: June 1998
  • Artist: Pulp
  • Releases: A Little Soul (single); That Boy's Evil (12" promo single)
  • Note: Only the promo single was credited to The Chocolate Layers. The extent to which this track was a project of Jarvis and Steve rather than a 'normal' Pulp song is unclear.
Party Hard (The Chocolate Layers' mix)
  • Date: September 1998
  • Artist: Pulp
  • Releases: Party Hard (12" promo single)
Up a Tree Again (The Chocolate Layers' St John's Ambulance mix)
  • Date: October 1999
  • Artist: Looper
  • Releases: Who's Afraid of Y2K? / Up a Tree Again (single)
The Facts Of Life (The Chocolate Layers' remix)
  • Date: July 2000
  • Artist: Black Box Recorder
  • Releases: The Art Of Driving (single); The Worst Of Black Box Recorder (compilation album)
Dirge (Cossack apocalypse mix by the Chocolate Layers)
  • Date: September 2001
  • Artist: Death in Vegas
  • Releases: Dirge (promo single); Sonic Mook Experiment, Vol. 1 (various artist compilation album)

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