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Pulp: Everybody's Problem Session

Recording details

Southern Studios, London (4 & 5 June 1983)

Songs recorded:


  • Jarvis Cocker: vocals (also backing vocals on (2))
  • Simon Hinkler: Aria Pro II Fretless bass, Farfisa Compact Professional II Organ, (also Fender Stratocaster guitar and backing vocals on (2))
  • Peter Boam: Fender Stratocaster guitar (also Eko Ranger acoustic guitar on (1), backing vocals on (2))
  • David Hinkler: Fender Rhodes piano (also trombone on (1))
  • Magnus Doyle: drums
  • Saskia Cocker: backing vocals on (2)
  • Tim Allcard: tambourine on (1), woodblocks on (2)

Status of the songs recorded

Both released on the Everybody's Problem single.

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