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Pulp: 14 October 1994 - L'Orée Du Neuland, Colmar (live)



  1. Intro
  2. O.U.
  3. Lipgloss
  4. Razzmatazz
  5. Acrylic Afternoons
  6. Underwear
  7. His n Hers
  8. Pink Glove
  9. Common People
  10. Joyriders
  11. Do You Remember the First Time?
  12. You're a Nightmare
  13. Babies


There is an audience recording in circulation and a recording of the soundcheck can be found. The soundcheck included a rendition of Morning Dew, which they had played on French radio a couple of days before. There was also a very rough run through of I Did What I Did For Maria (originally by Tony Christie). The soundcheck also includes an unknown song.

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