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Pulp: 18th December 1984 - Rockwells, The B-Hive, Sheffield (live)



  1. Simultaneous (abandoned)
  2. Simultaneous
  3. Back In LA
  4. Tunnel
  5. They Suffocate at Night
  6. The Mark of the Devil
  7. Little Girl
  8. Anorexic Beauty (abandoned)
  9. Anorexic Beauty
  10. Maureen
  11. Blue Glow
  12. There's No Emotion


Recorded by Clyde Hatter, this is probably the most shambolic of the 80s Pulp gigs currently in circulation. This set features false starts, abandoned songs, a hostile and drunken crowd and an increasingly tetchy Jarvis.


An recording that includes the whole set exists. This has been circulated in MP3 format.

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