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The tenth of July 1985...
Don't ask stupid questions...
I got bored...

There was nothing else to do I was bored...
I hadn't... I had not...
(?) lying in a heap in a pile of excrement in a (?)

Fifteen weeks since the light has gone
Fifteen weeks with the same shirt on
A thousand bodies stink and sweat
And somebody's trying to roll a cigarette

You are the clean mister
Clean mister
Clean mister
Clean missed her
Clean missed her
I sleep here lying around for weeks


Don't speak

Clean mister
Fifteen weeks with the same shirt on

Clean mister
Clean mister
Clean missed her
Clean missed her

Just relax and enjoy it; it's nothing really. That's it, put your feet up. Let's get you out of those wet clothes, c'mon, just lift yourself up, help me get those dreadful trousers off. You'll feel so much better afterwards. Just close your eyes and let it ooze all over you. Trickling down your back, warm and sticky. Isn't that nice? No, don't speak, just let yourself go, and you'll sink, you'll feel yourself sinking. Sinking down deeper and deeper and deeper.

At 3 o'clock that the morning I awoke in an unfamiliar room... in my hands like sodden paper... out with a thick, glutinous pale green liquid... and sunlight through net curtains...

...going 600 miles an hour into brilliant white light... There's a brass band playing somewhere... And now I'm (?)... Roll over onto your back and wait for the talcum. But what's that smell? Pull back the white crisp linen sheets to find the shirt they wore only two hours before, the bedroom tips sideways. No no no no no no no...!

Let me're clean! Let me out! Let me out! Let me out! Let me out! Let me out! Let me out! Let me out! Let me out! Ahhh, ahhh

(Distorted speech)

Stop! Shut up! Stop! It's no use... I've got to get out of that stinking shit hole... and then... I'd be clean... I'd be warm... and I could wipe all this crap out of here! Going down...

...I would lie there and see green fields and see the sky blue, and the sky blue above me. And be clean again. But I know I'll never ever be clean again.

Never be clean again

Sleeve notes

Tunnel:- The True Story
I first entered the tunnel on the tenth of July 1985. It was a sunny day, just a few rolled-out wispy clouds and I was wearing my best suit. I saw the entrance and went in - simple as that. I had nothing else to do: I was bored.
That was fifteen weeks ago and guess what? - I'm lost, it's so bleeding dark in here, that's the problem. But I'm not alone - oh no, there must be hundreds, perhaps thousands, down here with me. We all mill around and bump into each other in the darkness. And the stench of a thousand unwashed bodies hangs in a thick fog. That's city dirt, Fanny.
I walk for at least eight hours every day but I've still never seen even the slightest glimmer of light that would tell me that I was nearing the end of the tunnel. Most of the others are content to just walk on the spot and hum to themselves, but I still make the effort. Hoping that one morning I will wake up in the sun with the sky blue above me. And to be clean again.
But I know I'll never be clean again.

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Tunnel (cut-up version)


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