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Pulp: 1st September 1985 - Dolebusters Festival, Sheffield (live)


Lineup: Jarvis Cocker, Russell Senior, Candida Doyle, Peter Mansell and Simon Hinkler*.
* Simon Hinkler stood in on drums while Magnus Doyle was away in India.




An audio recording was made of Nights of Suburbia. This appeared on the See You Later Agitator! cassette in 1987. In addition, the whole set was filmed and put on a video, which was probably called Dolebusters '85. This video is very obscure and while copies are likely to exist, there are none in circulation. In 2010, a documentary film called The Beat Is the Law did feature some material from the video, including Pulp playing The Mark of the Devil.


Unknown publication:

Busters bonanza

FIFTEEN or more of Sheffield's most talented bands make a positive stand against mass unemployment when they play in the city tomorrow.

The Dolebusters concert will be held at Weston Park between mid-day and 6.30 p.m. and then at the Octagon Centre, Sheffield University, from 7.0 p.m.

And the purpose of the event is to show how talent is being wasted by lack money and opportunity.

Bands featured include, and Heaven knows in what order, Pulp, Treebound Story, Mr. Morality, Revelation, Half Past Midnight, Spring Street Band, Massai Warrior, The Cast, Hole In The Wall, Mr. President, Criminal Sex, Red Earth, Mystic Roots, Smac 19, Trojan Disco, Odienne, and Henry Normal.

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Unknown publication:

MORE THAN 15 of Sheffield's talented bands are to play at a concert against unemployment this weekend. Called Dolebusters, the 11-hour concert starts on Sunday afternoon at Weston Park, then goes to the Octagon Centre in the evening.

Among the bands featured are Treebound Story, Mr. President, Pulp, and Mr. Morality. Events start at mid-day. The festival is run by the Sheffield Co-ordinating Centre against Unemployment.

And there will be a children's area with creche, with entertainment for younger concert goers, refreshments, and side stalls.

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