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Pulp: 20th July 1991 - Town & Country Club, London (live)


Pulp's set was filmed for Stage One, which was a late-night TV programme showcasing up-and-coming indie talent.


  1. Space
  2. Death II
  3. Live On
  4. Love is Blind
  5. Separations
  6. Babies
  7. My Legendary Girlfriend
  8. Countdown

Recordings and media

Live CD

Party Clowns: Live In London 1991 (more details)

  • Released: 3 December 2012
  • Format: CD
  • Label: Floating World
  • Tracklisting: as setlist above

ITV - Stage One (more details)


Simon Williams in the NME:

Pulp are the party clowns and wisely flaunt the metaphysical red noses with deadpanned glee. Singer Jarvis is to all intents and purposes Frank Spencer auditioning for Saturday Night Fever, and therein lies the essence of Pulp - sartorial catastrophes dressed in funk-splattered overcoats. When they're not getting groovy, the fivesome are manufacturing an absurd brand of pop which is more sly than a fox with a crossbow. Furniture meets Chic and decides hey, maybe we can live together after all.

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