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Pulp: My Legendary Girlfriend (Caff single)

My Legendary Girlfriend sleeve (front)
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Mail order, only 500 copies



This was a semi-official limited edition single on the Caff Corporation label. It is not to be confused with the earlier and more well-known My Legendary Girlfriend single released by Fire Records.

The Caff label was run by Bob Stanley, a friend of Jarvis', who is most well-known as a member of the band St Etienne. He established Caff in 1989, releasing only one-off 7" singles. Pulp's single was the label's final release in September 1992.

Copies of this single are now rare and sought-after. None of the recordings included here are readily available elsewhere. Back in L.A. did appear on an obscure compilation cassette in 1987.


  1. My Legendary Girlfriend (live soundcheck)
  2. Sickly Grin
  3. Back in L.A.


This is a bit misleading: Back in L.A. was recorded in November 1984, while Freaks was not recorded until 1986.


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