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Pulp: Press Clippings: 1993

"What happened at the Pulp/Saint Etienne gig on Tuesday then?" Good question, masses. Not content with arriving from the airport with a suitcase full of wet clothes because he didn't have time to put them in the dryer, the Etienne/Pulp dressing room was turned into a gigantic sub-Oxfam Seventies clothes horse, most of which was splattered with Jarvis and other people's vomit after the post-gig backstage party.
(Melody Maker, 6th March 93)

The following night, backstage at the SHEFFIELD LEADMILL, we were drunkenly accosted by GAIL, the one out of Belly that was chucked out of 17 for being too rock'n'roll, while Tanya was singing a duet of "9# Dream" by JOHN LENNON with JARVIS COCKER out of PULP.
(Melody Maker, 6th March 93)

(The Star, Sheffield, 13th February 93)

(NME, 20th February 93)

(The Star, Sheffield, 13th November 93)

(Melody Maker, 1st May 1993)

(NME, 16th October 93)

(Melody Maker, 4th December 93)

(NME, 27th November 93)

(NME, 17th April 93)

(Melody Maker, 6th February 93)

(NME, 6th February 93)

(NME, 6th March 93)

(Select, November 93)

(NME, 22nd May 93)

(Melody Maker, 18th December 1993)

(Melody Maker, 25th Dec 93/1st Jan 94)

(Melody Maker, 3rd April 93)

(NME, 17th April 93)

(NME, 13th February 93)

(NME, 25th September 93)

(NME, 3rd July 93)

(Melody Maker, 25th September 93)

(Melody Maker, 17th July 93)

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