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Pulp: The Day After the Revolution (song)

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The dust has settled
replaced the bulbs in all the lights
I guess I'll get no sleep tonight

A revolution happened:
Oh sorry, you haven't heard?
We are the children of the new world

If you're quiet you can watch if you like
They say the future's beginning tonight
Whole empires will crumble
Civilisations will fall
Lie on the bed hear the sound of it all
No anger, no guilt and no sorrow:
it sounds unlikely, I know
but tomorrow, you will wake up to find
that your whole life has changed
Although nothing looks different
a revolution took place

I love the way you do it
I love the way you put them on
You know the answers but you get it wrong
(Just to confuse things)
Why did it seem so difficult
to realise a simple truth?
The revolution begins and ends with you

Now all the breakdowns and nightmares look small
Now we decided not to die after all
Because the meek shall inherit absolutely nothing at all
If you stopped being so feeble, you could have so much more
The answer was here all the time, you see
Just how I missed it is a mystery to me
I have waited and waited for this day to arrive
The revolution was televised
Now it's over, bye bye
It's over, bye bye
It's over, bye bye

Yeah, we made it
Just by the skin of your teeth
Perfection is over
(The Rave is over)
Sheffield is over
The Fear is over
Guilt is over
(Please leave the building quietly)
Soul is over
Bergerac is over
The hangover is over
Men are over
Women are over
Cholesterol is over
Tapers are over
The breakdown is over
Irony is over
Bye Bye

Bye Bye

Jarvis' comments

A very strange thing happened when we were recording The Day After The Revolution which ought to have, you know, converted me. We knew we wanted it to be quite busy at the end, with a few different voices talking on it, and I got this radio to put a bit of radio noise on it. I couldn't really hear it when we recorded it, so i just stuck it behind the song. When we listened back to it on the radio it was like some religious broadcast. I honestly hadn't heard it. It's about the creation of the world. Just as the song fades out it says something like "And God called the expanse sky". And that's it. It was a weird coincidence. And because the song's about maybe a sense of rebirth and this speech is about the creation of the universe, it seemed a bit...


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