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Pulp: This is Hardcore LP Sessions

Recording details

The Town House, London (March-May 1997) – Olympic Studios, London (June-August 1997) – unknown studio in London (November 1997-January 1998)

Songs recorded:


  • Jarvis Cocker: vocals, guitars (probably including Vox Marauder, Ovation 12-string, Sigma acoustic), keyboards (probably including Roland SH-09, Mellotron, MicroMoog), Roland Vocoder Plus VP-330
  • Candida Doyle: keyboards (probably including Farfisa Compact Professional II organ, Esoniq ASR 10, Korg Trident II, Minimoog, Fender Rhodes electric piano, Roland Juno 6, Roland SH-09)
  • Mark Webber: guitars (probably including Gibson ES 345, Gibson Les Paul, Gibson Firebird, Sigma acoustic), keyboards (probably including Esoniq ASR 10, Casio Tonebank CT-470, Fender Rhodes electric piano, Roland Juno 6)
  • Steve Mackey: Musicman Sabre bass, programming & samples
  • Nick Banks: Yamaha acoustic and electronic drums, Zildjian cymbals, percussion
  • Mandy Bell, Carol Kenyon and Jackie Rawe: backing vocals on (1) and (4)
  • Chris Thomas: piano on (2)
  • Anne Dudley: piano on (2) and (5)
  • Neneh Cherry: voice on (4)

(6) - A demo version called Tomorrow Never Dies was also recorded in April 1997 (The Town House Studios). This was released on the This is Hardcore album (deluxe edition) in 2006.

Whitfield Studio, London (1997) - Strings and orchestra session

Strings and orchestra recorded for:

Orchestration on (1) and (2) by Nicholas Dodd

Unknown studio in London (1997) - B-sides Session

  • Producer: Pulp
  • Engineer: Clive Goddard
  • Assistant engineer: Andy Nichols

Songs recorded:

Line-up as above.
(1) programmed by Mark Haley

Status of the songs recorded

Rough mixes

During early 2021, several cassettes of work-in-progress from the album sessions, apparently from the Rough Trade archive, were sold by Omega Auctions. Some tracks are the final, or close to final, versions; others are rough mixes or missing overdubs that were added later. The dates of these mixes may give some idea as to the timescale of work on the album:

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