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Jarvis: 30 November 2008 - Manchester Academy (live)



  1. Further Complications
  2. Caucasian Blues
  3. Tonite
  4. Girls Like It Too
  5. Big Julie
  6. I Will Kill Again
  7. Angela
  8. I Never Said I Was Deep
  9. Big Stuff
  10. Black Magic

Encore 1:

  1. Fat Children
  2. Apparently
  3. Running the World

Encore 2:

  1. Don't Let Him Waste Your Time
  2. You're in My Eyes (Discosong)


Jarvis and the band also improvised a short song called Shoelace after stopping to tie his left shoelace.


Got a shoelace undone, baby
But it ain't gonna spoil my evening
You classy lady

Cos I've got it fastened tight
Alright, alright
Look at me now
I can kick me fuckin' foot like that and nothing fuckin' happens
Cos I sorted out my shoelace, baby
I sorted out my shoelace, baby

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