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Pulp: Wessex Demos (2)

Recording details

Wessex Studios, London (13 & 14 January 2000)

Songs recorded:


  • Jarvis Cocker: vocals, guitars (including Gibson J-45 Acoustic, Ovation 12-String, Jerry Jones Baritone, Vox Marauder, Rosetti III), keyboards (including Roland SH-09, Hohner Clavioline, Omnichord), banjo
  • Candida Doyle: keyboards (including Esoniq ASR-10, Korg Delta II, Novatron, Roland SH-09, Minimoog, Roland Vocoder Plus VP-30)
  • Steve Mackey: Musicman and Fender basses; Akai samplers and drum machines
  • Mark Webber: guitars (inlcuding Gretsch Viking, Gibson ES345, Gibson Les Paul Custom, Gibson Firebird, Yamaha acoustic, Fender Stratocaster), keyboards (including Fender Rhodes 73 electric piano)
  • Richard Hawley: additonal guitar

Status of the songs recorded

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