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Pulp: 25th June 2011 - Glastonbury Festival (live)


'Secret' appearance as 'special guests' on the Park Stage.


  1. Do You Remember The First Time?
  2. Joyriders
  3. Razzmatazz
  4. Acrylic Afternoons
  5. Something Changed
  6. Disco 2000
  7. Sorted For E's & Wizz
  8. Like A Friend (live d├ębut)
  9. Babies
  10. Mis-Shapes
  11. Live Bed Show
  12. This Is Hardcore
  13. Sunrise
  14. Common People

Recordings and media


BBC 6 Music - Glastonbury (Steve Lamacq)

  • Transmitted: 25th June 2011
  • Songs broadcast: Mis-Shapes

BBC 6 Music - Glastonbury

The three tracks above were also streamed on the BBC website.

The BBC did not have cameras at the Park stage, so it is unlikely any official video footage exists.

A fan edit of Babies combining audience video recordings and the broadcast audio is available on YouTube.

Jarvis' notes

(Thanks to Stephen for sharing these)


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(Photo by johnkell. Some rights reserved.)

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