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Sorted For Films and Vids
Being the collected works of the Pulp Film Unit, 1992-95, in which we learn many things: a) for all the talk of pin-up geekery, Jarvis would never have got anywhere if he continued wearing a flared brown suit with no shirt underneath; b) Bob Mortimer lost his virginity to a girl wearing pearl-blue platform boots; and c) Pulp should make a lot more movies at the earliest opportunity. It comprises the promo videos for all the Island singles, and the Do You Remember The First Time? film, with its interviews with Vic & Bob, Terry Hall, Justine Frischmann, etc. It sees Jarvis develop his bedsit-eyed straight-to-camera stare and his Fingerbobs-go-Vegas moves, and the song clips go from good ideas with no budget to hilarious high-gloss technicolor suburban horror movies. Easily worth the price of admission, if only to see the Good Jarvis-Bad Jarvis nightclub face-off in 'Mis-Shapes' - over and over again.

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