News: "Next year Pulp are going to play some concerts!" (26 July 2022)

After almost a decade away, and a teasing cryptic Instagram post from Jarvis, it has been revealed that Pulp are planning a return to the stage in 2023.

Jarvis announced the band's latest reformation at a Guardian Live talk and Q&A held in London last night for his new memoir Good Pop, Bad Pop, with drummer Nick Banks later tweeting "Stay calm, hug your Pulp records and dream of going mental sometime in 2023".

Nick later appeared on the Toby Foster at Breakfast show on BBC Radio Sheffield, confirming plans had been underway for "a few weeks, couple of months".

There's no news as to where, when or how extensive these concerts will be, but that's enough good news for now, yeah?

Page last modified on July 26, 2022, at 12:06 PM