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JP1Cork 14 Apr 21 18:01

Hi. A question to Pulp fans: Does anyone else have a copy of "His 'N' Hers" with an incorrect label on the B-side (The original 1994 vinyl version ILPS 8025, 524 005-1). I have a copy where the B-side label is from the preceding Island Records release is mine the first out of the press and will Jarvis C come and sign it and play a few songs for me and my friends?
Post here on Discogs describing in more detail:
Hope you can help. Regards. Jesper

razzmatazztic 29 Aug 20 12:16

Is it possible that the Pulp Portfolio downloads could be made available very soon? It would be very much appreciated! Many thanks x

watomx 27 Feb 19 21:09

Does anyone remember a version of The Trees live where Jarvis introduced the song naming some trees scientific names, anyone know where can I find it?

jameslewis 3 Jul 18 13:47

Someone has ripped off a pulp song! Something off his n'hers or diff class. I was in barcelona on saturday abd heard music from a stage at a gay pride thing. We both thought 'thats pulp!'. Back home today, went for a swim - ive just geard it again! What the hell is it?!

Nishiger_JP 30 Apr 18 5:36

I love Pulp! :)
from Japan

RiziLeedsProducer 18 May 17 1:27

Hi how do I contact Nick Banks? I'm a Leeds based hiphop/house producer and would like to get his permission to use a guitar riff that he created in one of my songs (bits of it). Please get back to me on cheers

Si900FT 13 Mar 17 23:54

Does anyone have a link to the lyrics for the "Likely Stories" song?

6LeadmillRoad 14 Nov 16 10:39

Hi, did any Pulp fans ever see them play at The Leadmill, Sheffield, England?

We are looking to interview or chat with any keen fans from England who have ever been to The Leadmill or know of Sheffields music community and Jarvis's relationship etc.

6 Leadmill Road is a documentary that will focus on the iconic Night Club and Venue, in particular, the community surrounding its 36 year prominence.
Since its opening in 1980, The Leadmill has quickly become one of the most notable and Iconic music venues in the UK. Garnering a range of awards in its time, this documentary aims to look at what it is about the Leadmill that makes it so popular as both a venue and nightclub. Talking to a range of contributors from those on the stage, to those behind it, to those in front of it, this film will delve into the legacy of The Leadmill and discover its status as an institution.

If you are interested or have any other information or stories/content etc, which you think would interest us, we would love to hear them, please email us at:

6 Leadmill Road Production Team
For those who played it, those who worked it, and those who lived it!

simo el moussaoui 9 Jun 16 13:56


vintagevinyl 6 May 16 11:24

i have the rare cassette only see you later agitator with live pulp trk does anybody know its value ?

BobFollen 26 Oct 15 0:56

As a fan of Pulp, I've visited this site quite a few times over the "whizzing" years. Something I'm about to work on maybe of interest to you fellow fans, and Russell Fans. Especially those in the Manchester area. Russell is in conversation (re: the "Freak Out The Squares" book), with (Writer and The Membranes vocalist) John Robb at the Louder Than Words Literary Festival at the Palace Hotel in Manchester on Saturday the 14th of November 2015. The informal talk runs from 2pm and is followed by a signing session. It's a ticketed affair, tickets can be purchased online in advance (I've put the link at the end of this whole message). I run a thing called BobArtModels, which alternates between paintings, and recyclable models. I shall be present over the long weekend (13th-15th) as the festivals Artist-In-Residence, illustrating some of the authors in attendance, some topics, and selling already existing works. Jarvis owns one of my creations, a friend purchased one for another friend, unbeknownst to me the latter friend was infact Candida. I hope this kind of tip off is helpful.
If you have any questions feel free to email me via: All best wishes, Bob. LTWF link:

Plesius_Ridgemire 11 Sep 14 23:43

Are you going to send the petition off soon?

Cloudy42 9 Aug 14 12:44

Pulp fans needed for interviews for academic research project :-)


My name is Claudia. I am a 3rd year PhD student at the Politics and International Relations department at Royal Holloway. My thesis is focused on the relationship between national identity (British identity) and popular music (British pop music). I strongly believe that Pulp played a key role in the representation of British identity in British pop music during the 1990's. That is why I am looking for Pulp fans who would like to do an interview with me and/or join a focus group as this will provide a great inside view into this interesting period of time.

The interview won't take long (30 minutes maximum), the focus groups will take a little longer (1 hour) and will take place in central London in August/September 2014. Since I am a student, I am unable to pay for the interviews but I offer a good time talking about great music and I will provide a little something to drink/eat. If you're interested please send me a quick email and I will get to you regarding date/time:

Many thanks! looking forward to see you soon!


PickledPeter 23 May 14 13:23


Better to ask that on the Bar Italia forum - if anyone knows someone there will.

Not sure anyone does know that though...

paulina 13 Mar 14 15:19

Hallo! My e-mail is

paulina 13 Mar 14 15:15

Hello, my name is Paulina Silva, I'd like to know if you know in which city, street, etc... was written or composed "Like a friend"?
I am an artist and i'm collecting this information for my next artwork.

Will 13 Jan 14 18:08

KeithFry: thanks for the message. The spam has now been cleared!

I don't read this page very often, better to send urgent messages to

KeithFry 3 Jan 14 17:24

The We Love Life petition has been hacked!

I was rather excited and also confused to see over 3000 hits, but alas, most of them mention Viagra.

doghousemichael 2 Jan 14 15:22

This may be of interest to some of you. I put on Pulp three times in Halifax when I ran the Return Club. The 1991 headline show was at the Piece Hall in Halifax and I've recently had an old video of the show converted to dvd. Having not seen it I didn't expect much but it's great! the sound quality is fine and Jarvis is in cracking form. The show itself was reviewed by Dave Simpson for Melody Maker.
In March of this year I'm launching the Halifax Music Heritage Trail and the film will be part of that (as well as a plaque unveiling to commemorate when Pulp played at North Bridge Leisure Centre. A website for the trail will be launched in the next couple of months but if anyone wants to know more about the trail, plaque unveiling or the film then do email me at

marchist 15 Oct 13 19:35

Guys, does any of you know where can I get Jarvis' song Apparently?

Devin 25 Sep 13 10:14

Your front page poll is broken. I can't vote for A Little Soul. I know not everyone loves is as much as me but it has zero votes! Including none from me.

It also seems you can vote more than twice on every other song.

mark 5 Jun 13 23:41

Who's Mick Clarke then?

anfunny 19 May 13 12:13

Great resource! Thanks for all the effort! I'm looking for the Venini free download, Postcard, and the Unshaker EP tracks if anyone reading this can help. I can see the Bar Italia thread on these tracks but it wont allow me to sign up so I can't comment! Thanks!

ariana_graens 7 Feb 13 4:36

hey Will,
im from Jakarta, Indonesia.
maybe you could help me to propose a pulp concert here?
im looking towards it.

Jarvgirl 3 Feb 13 11:08

It's also got a couple of songs on which they didn't have time to do.

Jarvgirl 2 Feb 13 15:04

I've got a setlist from Sheffield 08/12 that we were given by a security guard, it's got writing on about what they were doing and when eg "toilet roll". I'll be able to email it to someone to put on if you like? (I'm not good at edity things.)

Yan 22 Sep 12 18:43

I hope i'll see Pulp in Ukraine or in Russia someday

fzx06 23 Aug 12 13:12

Hi there. I'm selling the promotion comic book "common people" by Jamie Hewlett, 1995. Contact

jenavive 11 Jul 12 21:04

im in love with jarvis so if u see him tel him im his biggist fan xxx

Will 25 Apr 12 23:44

No problem at all with your first edit. Thanks for contributing!
There's an active Pulp forum at

robbroncs 25 Apr 12 22:06

i'm well aware that this is NOT the place for these questions so this will be my only there a pulp/jarvis forum anywhere?? and if no...then why not here? thx! sorry again!

robbroncs 23 Apr 12 23:06

i just did my first edit to the recent show at pomona . . .please make sure i did it ok....teehee

Will 15 Feb 12 22:38

Hi Danny, I have only just noticed your message - sorry! I don't have any proper contact details for Nick Banks (note this isn't an official site), but you could maybe try to make contact through the pottery business he runs.

dannymorton1 22 Jan 12 17:19

Hi there - I had a mate Johnny Banks at a youth club in the 1960's. He was also Gordon's nephew. Can Johnny be contacted please ?

Ricardo Holger Fan 20 Jan 12 20:22


grainnerr 16 Nov 11 17:26

Does anyone know where I might get a recording of the Art of Pop programme Jarvis presented on Radio 4 in 2006? I'm also trying to find out information about the researcher... I want to quote it in my own research... any excuse. Cheers

eamonn 5 Oct 11 2:26

I changed the August 31st setlist back to the original one after it had been overwritten.

invertedworld 2 Sep 11 12:40

Hi. It looks as though the set list for Wednesday's gig at Brixton has been accidentally overwritten with the one from Thursday. As a new member here I'm whether it's OK to revert it using the history page?

Will 26 Jul 11 12:03

Dishes - it seems unlikely. They have played two tracks off This Is Hardcore since the reunion (A Little Soul and This Is Hardcore). I suppose they could play others, especially as Russell won't be there.

mirohead 15 Jul 11 13:20

Hi we're going to see Pulp in Melbourne soon - any chance you think they might do Dishes? My FAVOURITE!!!

Will 13 Jul 11 23:10

If you mean the man sitting next to Jarvis, his name is John Huntley. I can't tell you anything about him other than he was presumably a model/actor.

bttfmusic 13 Jul 11 16:26

WATCH PULP COVERS BAND IN LONDON. Check the vid on the link. Actually really good!

yankuzmin 9 Jul 11 16:05

sorry for question, but tell me please, who is this man in This Is Hardcore booklet ?

TimL 22 Jun 11 13:33

Hello one and all! I work for Absolute Radio and just thought I'd drop you all a line to let you know that the station is giving away TEN PAIRS of tickets to see Pulp live at Wireless festival 2011. It's dead easy, have a look :) ->

Cheers, Tim.

Will 11 Apr 11 12:14

Alfie24: The other guitarist was Richard Hawley.

Alfie24 1 Apr 11 4:43

Question regarding line up. What is the band line up on the Park is Mine video??? IF Senior left in 97 who is playing guitar besides webber??? Thanks.

Jarvette 7 Feb 11 14:25

Does anyone know if it's possible to find a cutout cardboard of Jarvis from Different Class era? (could you imagine the things that could be done with him?!)

? 3 May 10 8:12

Does anyone know where can I get Acoustic piano transcriptions of Pulp or Jarvis ("I will kill again" in particular) ?
my adress :
Thanks !

Jarvette 27 Apr 10 10:03

I agree with pudd XD

ludwigseiller 13 Apr 10 21:28

Where I can get a copy of "Journeys Into the Outside With Jarvis Cocker"
please let me know

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