Official sites

Pulp People
Official site.

The official Pulp Facebook group.

Pulp's official Twitter account.

Pulp Store
Official merchandise.

Pulp Online (no longer online - archive link)
This is the old official Pulp site. It became dormant after Pulp went on hiatus at the end of 2002. Included news, live reviews, lyrics, a discography, photos of Sheffield and lots more.

Jarvis' official site
Launched to promote Jarvis' second solo album Further Complications.

Jarvis' Facebook group
Videos, tour dates, news and more.

Jarvis' Myspace page.

Jarvis Cocker's Sunday Service
Site for Jarvis' Sunday afternoon radio show on BBC 6 Music.

Unofficial sites

Acrylic Afternoons
A superb site. It includes a very detailed discography, an extensive list of TV appearances and a long list of transcribed magazine interviews. Well worth visiting.

Bar Italia
This site has been down for several years. It once featured lyrics and very entertaining reviews for virtually every Pulp song. It will hopefully return one day - come on Steve!

Truth & Beauty
A site promoting Mark Sturdy's excellent biography Truth & Beauty: The Story of Pulp.

Pulp on
See which Pulp tracks people are listening to at the moment and discuss them using the Shoutbox.

Read Pulp's entry on Wikipedia.

Flickr: Pulp photos
A collection of photos, including some rarely seen pictures from the '80s.

Freaks, Mis-Shapes, Weeds
A new blog that aims to write about every Pulp song in chronological order.

Music From a Bachelor's Den
A blog featuring reviews of most Pulp songs.

Information on live shows, demos and rarities.

Sudan Gerri Demo
Some information about the Sudan Gerri demo, written by the guy who recorded it.

Pulp Stuff
Lots of interesting Pulpy things to read here. Site created by Lindsay-Marie (aka PulpQueenie).

Farfisa Femme & Jarv is Everywhere
Two more of Lindsay-Marie's sites. These are dedicated to Candida and Jarvis.

Below is a list of old sites dedicated to Pulp - some have not been updated in more than a decade:

Message boards and forums

Bar Italia Message Board
This message board has been around for several years and it's still well used despite Pulp's dormant state. Jarvis Cocker group
Includes a message board.

Related links

Richard Hawley
Richard Hawley's official site. He was formerly Pulp's live guitarist.

Sheffield Vision
Makers of three documentary films about the Sheffield music scene: Made in Sheffield, The Beat Is the Law (Part 1) and The Beat Is the Law (Fanfare for the Common People). All these films feature Pulp related material and are worth seeing. The Beat Is the Law also has a separate site here.

The official site for Russell Senior's long defunct post-Pulp band, Venini.

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