News: Pulp finally arrive on BBC4's Top of the Pops repeats (20 March 2023)

Twelve years since BBC Four rewound Top Of The Pops back to 1976, repeats of the classic music chart programme have reached June 1994 and, at last, the arrival of Pulp!

The first of fifteen appearances on the programme, Pulp performed Babies, the lead track on The Sisters EP (released 23rd May 1994) on the 2nd June 1995 edition, due for broadcast this Friday 24th March at 7.30pm GMT. It was particularly notable for Jarvis unexpectedly opening his jacket to reveal a sign saying "I HATE WET WET WET". He took advantage of the fact that unusually the show was going out live. Wet Wet Wet were just beginning fifteen long, long, long weeks at the top with a cover of The Troggs's 'Love Is All Around'.

It'll be a little while before Pulp return to BBC Four, with Common People heralding major chart success in May 1995, but the majority of their appearances should be broadcast over the next few years; one confirmed casualty though is the 7th December 1995 edition featuring Disco 2000 (via satellite), being skipped due to the prescence of guest presenter Gary Glitter.

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