May/June 1995 - Catcliffe TV interview (unknown programme)


  • Programme: Unknown
  • Broadcast: May/June 1995
  • Recorded: May 1995 (Banks Pottery, Catcliffe, South Yorkshire)
  • Channel: Unknown

Interview with Jarvis Cocker, Nick Banks and Candida Doyle. Plus, promo video clips.


Presenter: [Pulp finally got what] they deserve when Common People crashed into the charts this week at number two. I've come to their home town, Sheffield, where they are rehearsing above a pottery shop.

Presenter: So what are we doing in a pottery?

Jarvis: Well, this is how we've kept our body and soul together through the years of not much success in music, and we've sold various figurines and stuff. And these are our alternative forms, like with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. After concerts we come back and we turn back into these figurines: this is Candida here and this is myself.

Presenter: Do you think this number two Common People is going to be one hit and then all of a sudden you will disappear again?

Jarvis: Probably, yeah, there isn't... you shouldn't get involved in pop music if you expect it to have a pension scheme and insurance and stuff, because it's not how it works. That's what makes it exciting.

Presenter: How do you label your music? I mean people call it pop, is it rock, I mean...?

Nick: It's difficult to say.

Jarvis: I think that it's definitely pop, isn't it?

Nick: Yes, we don't like to rock out, too much.

Jarvis: Hmm. Rock is a bit self important, I think. I think pop music can have, you know, a message, but it doesn't hit you over the head with it like rock music does.

Presenter: Is it important to be successful though?

Nick: Yes.

Jarvis: Because if people buy your records that means that they like it and they think it's good enough to spend money on and have in their house next to other records that they like. So it means that you have made contact with them in some way or other, and I think that's what music is about: it's putting something on to a record and trying to reach people in some way, you know?

Presenter: But do you enjoy this sex symbol tag that you get? I mean do you find it quite convenient at times?

Jarvis: I don't think you can ever snog fans, because I think that they would be disappointed.

Presenter: Really?

Jarvis: Because they would expect you to be right good and you would probably be really rubbish.

Presenter: What was it like growing up in Sheffield then?

Jarvis: I don't think it's too bad a place to grow up in because erm... because it's a bit boring. I think anybody who comes from Sheffield would have to admit that it is a bit boring, but I think that makes you use your imagination a bit.

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