12 October 1992 - The Wherehouse, Derby (live)


  • Date: 12 October 1992
  • Venue: The Wherehouse
  • Location: Derby
  • Supported by: Fractal


There are no recordings in circulation.


Andrew Collins (unknown publication):

A local band. Fractal, were first on - the name conjures up images of tacky rave patterns or even tackier soup dragons videos. The powerful indie sound dispells any such fears. Their music reverberates around the walls of the "bunker" with a complexity that makes for a very distinctive live sound. A song will seem to start with a spacey keyboard intro before the crash of drums and guitars effectively prevent your feet from staying still for too long.

Pulp, now on their own record label, boasting a country wide tour and a new single, "Babies", are justifiably creating a stir. The charismatic lead singer, despite being totally inebriated, managed some bizarre banter with the crowd. The guitarist\violin player - bearing an uncanny likeness to David Byrne - provided an equally strange persona. Clad in a clear plastic face mask, his robotics seemed almost too convincing. Their music is as simple as it is catchy, the keyboard\violin mix verging on the velvet underground. One of the grooviest double bills I've seen in a while and it was good to see familiar faces from Nottingham - Derby isn't that far.

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