16th December 1995 - Spa Theatre, Bridlington (live)


  • Date: Saturday, 16th December 1995
  • Venue: Spa Theatre
  • Location: Bridlington

UK Christmas mini-tour, supported by Stereolab.

Additional musician: Pablo Cook (percussion)

In the wake of the tabloid generated furore over the Sorted For E's & Wizz single, the local council tried to have this show banned. They didn't succeed, but on the day there were complaints about heavy-handed policing, with all attendees reportedly being thoroughly searched before entry. This led to some people arriving at 7pm "doors" apparently not gaining entry until 8.30pm by which time the support band, Stereo Lab, had already played. 15 people missed the show entirely after being arrested outside the venue, according to the press, mostly for drugs offences.


There are no known live recordings, but interview cassette recording exist


(Melody Maker, 6th January 1996)

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