20 September 1994 - The Howlin’ Wolf, New Orleans (live)


  • Date: 20 September 1994
  • Venue: The Howlin’ Wolf
  • Location: New Orleans, USA
  • Support: Unknown female slide guitarist

US tour, they were not supporting Blur for this show.


The band had the following memories of this show when interviewed by Steve Lamacq in May 2011:

...the one that always sticks in my mind was when we were on tour with Blur in America in like '94 or something. And somebody said "it's going off here in New Orleans", which we should have known that... I mean the idea of Pulp becoming big in New Orleans seemed at bit, you know, hard to believe. But we said "alright". So we decided to do our own show in New Orleans, so we had to kind of break off from the Blur touring party, go on this massive detour, about like, I don't know, a 2000 mile detour of something. We got to this place in New Orleans and there was like...

It was called Howling Wolf's, I think.

Was it? Howling Wolf's, yeah. People were probably expecting some blues music.

It was like a roadhouse and we were supporting this female slide guitarist.

Steve Lamacq:
There wasn't chicken wire across the stage was there?

And there was like 10 people there, you know, and an amplifier caught on fire because somebody had plugged it into the wrong electricity.

Well, we blew the whole electricity of the building because we had so much equipment and they had to bring in a generator.

Yeah, so it was just a joke. So that sticks in my mind as like a particularly pointless show.

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