7 February 1984 - Brunel University, London (live)


  • Date: 7 February 1984
  • Venue: Rugby Club, Brunel University
  • Location: London
From Record Collector, December 1994:

Our first concert was our most eventful ever, at Brunel University - a very sad affair towards the end of '84. We'd been booked by a friend who then called it off. We pretended we didn't know. In the interim, they booked a rugby songs band, Ivor Biggun & the Hefty Cocks or something, but they didn't turn up. But the audience were basically the rugby club. We used to start the concerts with this factory siren - we had five minutes of this flipping siren going off. We were into confronting the audience at that time, because we'd done this gentle, polite record - I thought "fuck off", let's go to the other extreme. It went from bad to worse. Tim was doing his poems and people were singing "You're a wanker." Somebody did a mooney at me, so I kicked him up the arse. The MC tried to stop the concert so I wrestled him to the ground. Then all these rugby players jumped on stage. I slid out from under them and ran into the dressing room, and we barricaded ourselves in. It ended in a riot.


There are no known recordings.

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