9th October 1980 - The Wedge Club, George IV, Sheffield (live)


  • Date: Thursday, 9th October 1980
  • Venue: The Wedge Club, George IV
  • Location: Sheffield
  • Supporting: Flying Alphonso Brothers


Pink Flag fanzine (number 6):

First up tonight were 'Pulp' who in terms of gigs played are a fairly new band to Sheffield with an even newer drummer now making up their number. The first time I saw Pulp was at a Limit local bands gig towards the end of September at which every­one played terribly, including Pulp who, however, did have the valid excuse of being unrehearsed due to being offered the chance to play only a few hours beforehand. This time however I found them to be greatly improved and really quite enjoyable with the singer loosening up, even dancing by the end, and the drummer getting less basic and more confident by the minute. All in all they provided a good support for the 'Alphonsos' and at their present rate of improvement should certainly be worth seeing for themselves.

The Alphonsos are likewise worth seeing but unlike Pulp, they've now got a substantial following to prove it, [......] Still a good time was had by all and I felt well set up for Echo and the Bunnymen playing just down the road.

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The review does not give a date or venue. Former band members recall a gig at the George IV around October 1980 and it's presumed here that is what was reviewed, but there is some uncertainty. The exact date is derived from the Echo and the Bunnymen reference in the review: they played the Limit on the 9th.

Jarvis confirmed in the Big Issue August 19th 2020 that Pulp played a gig on October 9th 1980.


There are no known recordings.

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