Nick Banks

Background information

  • Name: Nicholas David Banks
  • Born: Rotherham, South Yorkshire (28 July 1965)
  • Age: 58
  • Joined Pulp: January 1987
  • Instruments: Drums
  • Bands: Fatal Noise, The Vicious Circles, One Stop the World, Jass, Pulp, Pollinates, The Everly Pregnant Brothers


Nick Banks (born Nicholas David Banks, on 28 July 1965, in Rotherham, South Yorkshire) is the drummer in British band Pulp. He lives in Sheffield with his wife, and two children. He is also the nephew of Gordon Banks, goalkeeper of the 1966 FIFA World Cup winning England squad, and is related by marriage to former BBC 6 Music radio presenter Vic McGlynn, and journalist and writer Victoria Segal.

Nick now plays drums in Sheffield-based bands Pollinates, Bigshambles and sometimes guests with The Everly Pregnant Brothers.

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