Premspeak 1 (various artists compilation cassette)


  • Release date: May 1987
  • Label: Premonition
  • Format: Cassette
  • Catalogue number: Prem 7

Compiled by Paul Mills


Side 1

  1. St Limbo - A New Strength
  2. 20 minute interview with Jarvis and Russell + Maureen (Ping Pong Jerry demo version)
  3. The Wealthy Texans - The Best Holiday I Ever Had
  4. The mouth opens
  5. The Nihilistics - My Heart Goes A-Flutter

Side 2

  1. Media:Premonition - Targets
  2. Heather For Fish - Favourite Dream
  3. Mausoleum - Across the Land, Across the Sea
  4. Dig Vis Drill - interview + Fix the Kitchen
  5. The Gallery - Soon


Paul Mills: "I approached Pulp in 1986 for some material, they gave me...the Ping Pong Jerry tape to lift "Back in L.A." from, and on the back of that...when I interviewed Russell and Jarvis [at the end of 1986] I asked for "Maureen" [from that tape] as I'd seen them play it live and thought it was such a great song not to have released."

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