See You Later, Agitator! (various artists compilation cassette)

See You Later, Agitator!


  • Release date: July 1987
  • Label: Dolebusters
  • Format: Cassette
  • Catalogue number: None

This compilation cassette was released by Dolebusters, an organisation set up to help unemployed musicians in Sheffield. The cassette contains a selection of local bands recorded between '85 and '87.

The featured Pulp track is called Nights of Suburbia. This was recorded live at the Dolebusters Festival, Octagon Centre, Sheffield (1st September 1985).

Amongst the other bands featured are Trolley Dog Shag of which future Pulp bassist Steve Mackey was a member.

The cassette came with a booklet called the Dolebusters Owner's Manual to which most of the bands contributed a page. Pulp's contribution (see image below) curiously contained what were to become the lyrics to the '92 song Styloroc (Nites of Suburbia).


Side 1:

  1. The Fuck City Shitters - It's the End
  2. Spoon - Media Corruption
  3. Death Trash - Communication Breakdown
  4. The Bergmans - All I Loved
  5. The Nearly Band - Hopelessly Happy
  6. Hole in the Wall - Some Strange Feelings
  7. Trolley Dog Shag - (This is) The Business Boys
  8. Ritual Disguise - The Joker

Side 2:

  1. Henry Normal - Intro
  2. Pulp - Nights of Suburbia (live)
  3. The Bland - Harry Seacum
  4. Johnny Crescendo - Where's My Fucking Lead?
  5. The Flexible Penguins - Tell Me
  6. The Masons - Grandmother
  7. Henry Normal - The John Wayne Mentality
  8. The Wealthy Texans - Living in a Box in Gleadless
  9. The Detail - Cut You Loose
  10. Johnny Crescendo - Where D'You Get That Leg?


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