Space (BBC Hit the North Soundcheck) (song)

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Like cosmic and everything.
Yeah, we're going.

Hello, we're Pulp. And we're speaking to you from our spacecraft that is hovering approximately five miles above the Arndale Centre. We come in peace. We only want to play music for you. We have err... There are many good looking girls and boys in your city, and we hope to meet some of them later. I must repeat again that we do not mean you any harm. We just want to rock. Thank you.

That's that.

Jarvis' sleeve notes

Another oldie - originally on the b-side of "O.U." This is a live version from a soundcheck for Mark Radcliffe's "Hit The North" show on BBC Manchester. I appear to be pretending to be an alien ready to prey on female Mancunians - oh dear.

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