Relaxed Muscle: 17th October 2003 - Victory Services Club, London


  • Date: Friday, 17th October 2003
  • Event: Frieze Art Fair opening night party
  • Venue: Victory Services Club
  • Location: London

Line-up: Darren Spooner (vocals); Jason Buckle; Steve Claydon (keyboards); Joe Dilworth (drums); Wayne Marsden (guitar)

This was the Frieze Art Fair's inaugural year. The music was curated by Steve Mackey and Dan Fox.




Kevin Harley in The Independent, 21st October 2003:

Of late, you might have expected British pop's king of corduroy and caustic observations, Jarvis Cocker, to have kept his pointy-fingered lewdery out of the press. Last year, at a gig in Rotherham, Cocker put Pulp on ice for a year - possibly permanently - with the declaration: "We may meet again, who knows?" Then, Pulp's Hits album bombed big time, the band left Island Records, and it was au revoir Cocker, as he moved to France to embrace marriage and fatherhood in privacy.

Read the rest on The Independent website.

David Peschek in The Guardian, 22nd October 2003:

It seems unlikely that Jarvis Cocker would be playing at a party for art magazine Frieze if he was really hoping that no one would see through his alias. Despite the heavy make-up, vocal distortion, enormous sunglasses and interviews conducted in character, dispossessed Doncaster reprobate Darren Spooner is rumbled the minute the Burundi pulse of Muscle Music kicks in: the man doing the kinetic rag-doll dance may, indeed, be one of the common people, but he is unmistakable.

Read the rest on The Guardian website.

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