Where It Started…  Emma Jaggard

Photo submitted by Emma Jaggard

My first Pulp concert was at The Forum London 1995 and it was electric, my dad gave me extra money in case I lost my train ticket, but I spent it on a tour t shirt!! I remember getting to the front and dancing my socks off and feeling I belonged! That year most of my school friends still had posters of Take That and such on their walls, and couldn’t get my taste in music at all as I had Pulp, Suede and Pearl Jam, blasting out of my JVC ghetto blaster. It really was a year where I found my own taste in music, cut to 2023 and I did the same at the Hammersmith Apollo, still felt that same buzz and still felt like a teenager. What a great band, and Jarvis is just genius, imaging having a coffee with him and chatting about life over a fruit scone or two! I have no phot evidence of that time unfortunately but I posted one I took when I arrived at the Hammersmith Apollo.

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