Where It Started…  Kristen

Photo submitted by Kristen

Theres the first' time and then theres the proper time for me. So for the first time I have this memory of sitting on the corner of my parents coffee table watching Rage (long running Australian music video show) and there was this song / video which I later learn is 'Disco 2000'. There's some guy singing in a TV screen and theres lots of colours and patterns and its super catchy. 'Charmless Man' by blur was also another song that sort of caught my ear but at this point pop music has not really registered just yet. Fast forward to late 1998. I'm now obsessed with anything Triple J and 'alternative' and any bands appearing on another Australian TV show called 'Recovery'. I religiously tape Triple J's Net 50 on a Saturday night and this is where I capture 'Party Hard'. I can't distinguish in my mind if I saw the video first or heard the song but I just think its the best song ever. I adore all the Pop Art references - because in parallel I've discovered Peter Saville, Warhol, Lichtenstein and Oldenburg in Art class. But by this point Pulp have finished touring Australia. It does not help that I'm also only about 14 and living in a small coastal town and have parents who do not like pop music and think buying CDs is a waste of $$. Thank f**k for the internet. I spend all my time devouring anything about the band from Bar Italia and Acrylic Afternoons, keeping a scrap book (which I still add to ** I work in libraries and archives so I can probably pinpoint my love of all things archive-y and ephemeral to this) and drawing Peter Saville's Pulp logo all over my school books / folders. Pulp are day dot for me. Everything I've ever been into I can probably trace a line back to them.

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