Where It Started…  Scott Frazer

In my early years so say up to the age of 12 - I had a strange taste in music, we had not long had a satelitte dish installed and MTV was always on in our house. My favourite band at the time was Erasure. I was quite into all the weird groovy synth sounds and catchy lyrics...id even pretended to be like Andy Bell by throwing water all over my face as if i was sweating and doing all the dodgy dancing. I was very innocent then and didnt know anything about the homosexual nature of the band and what not. Not that there is anything wrong with that.....each to their own and what not? Then they did a cover version of a few Abba songs - and I was horrified to see my favourite band dressing up in drag - got worried that my friends would take the mickey out of me and bully me because of my taste. Again, I was very innocent and didnt understand about what was going on. I immediately stopped listening to them and started listening to the radio.

November 1995 came, and I remember listening to Red Rose Rock FM - and I heard this real synth heavy song with a catchy guitar riff and quirky vocals...I was hooked IMMEDIATELY. It happened to be the single version of Disco 2000. For whatever reason, I missed the presenter announcing the name and title of the song, and so I would listen to the radio for nearly every hour of the day to find out what it was. After two weeks - I heard it again. I was absolutely in awe of just how good the song was. That weekend, I was in Liverpool at my grandparents, and opposite their house is an Asda - and I spotted the tape of it. I still have the tape to this day. It got caught up in the mechanism of my tape players countless times and I had to stick the tape together.

That was the start of the Pulp journey for me.

PS - As I got older, I started listening to Erasure again. The joys of maturing as an adult :)

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