Jarvis: 1 February 1997 Live And Kicking


  • Programme: Live And Kicking (Electric Circus)
  • Broadcast: 1 February 1997
  • Channel: BBC1

Short report from the 1997 NME Brat Awards held on Tuesday 28th January, where Jarvis won the Godlike Genius award for the Brits incident. Live And Kicking did NOT report, however, Jarvis's comments about the Spice Girls:

"All this business with the Spice Girls, right... they said that Margaret Thatcher could be a Spice Girl, and somehow that seems to have passed off unnoticed... let's not forget, Margaret Thatcher did her best to kind of decimate and fuck up this country for fifteen years right, so fuck the Spice Girls, fuck Margaret Thatcher and here's to the new dawn."


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