Jarvis: Radio

Sessions and live performances


BBC Radio 1 - Steve Lamacq (concert recording)
  • Broadcast: 26 October
  • Recorded: 26 October (live at Sound City, L2, Liverpool)
  • Songs played: Drive Safely Darlin' (The All Seeing I, with lead vocals from Jarvis)


France Inter - C'est Lenoir (concert recording)
France Inter - C'est Lenoir (Black Session) (live session)
XFM - Richard Bacon Session (interview and live session)
BBC Radio 4 - Loose Ends (interview and live session)
OUI FM (France) - OUI FM Live (live session)


FM4 (Austria) - FM4=12 Live aus der Arena (live concert)
BBC Radio 2 - Jonathan Ross (live session)
P3 (Sweden) - P3 Live (concert recording)
WXPN/NPR (USA) - World Cafe (interview and live session)
RTÉ 2fm (Ireland) - 2fm Live (concert recording)


BBC Radio 4 - Loose Ends (live session and interview)
BBC 6 Music - Steve Lamacq (live session and interview)
BBC Radio 2 - The Radcliffe & Maconie Show (interview and live session)
BBC 6 Music - Marc Riley (live session and interview)
BBC Radio 2 - Dermot O'Leary (live session and interview)
BBC 6 Music - 6 Music at Glastonbury - Gideon Coe's Headline Set (live concert)
BBC 6 Music - Hub Session (George Lamb show) (live session and interview)
BBC Radio 2 - Jonathan Ross (live session and interview)
Absolute Radio - Zoo Session (live session and interview)

Other appearances


BBC GLR - The Gary Crowley Show
  • Broadcast: 2 April 1995
  • Details: Three hour show presented by Jarvis.


BBC Radio 2 - Steve Wright's Saturday Show
  • Broadcast: 19 June 1999
  • Details: Interview with Jarvis Cocker. Topics covered: Born to Cry (Notting Hill film) / Nick Cave's Meltdown / horoscopes.
BBC Radio 1 - Jo Whiley
All Seeing I web radio station
  • Broadcast: webstream available around mid-1999
  • Details: Jarvis probably did some DJing?


XFM - London Xpress
BBC Radio 1 - John Peel Show
  • Broadcast: 19th December 2000
  • Recorded: 19th December 2000 (BBC Maida Vale studios)
  • Details: The show included the Festive 50 pop quiz. The teams were Jarvis Cocker, Graham Coxon and Darren Hayman (the 'spectacles' team), versus Billy Bragg, Simon Raymonde and Robin Guthrie from the Cocteau Twins (the 'non-spectacles' team). David Gedge of the Wedding Present set the quiz questions and acted as the invigilator.


BBC Radio 1 - Mary Ann Hobbs Show


BBC 6Music - Rocket Science
BBC Radio 4 - Desert Island Discs
  • Broadcast: 24 April
  • Details: Jarvis picks the eight records he would take to a desert island.
    More details


BBC Radio 4 - The Art of Pop
  • Broadcast: 25 July, 1 August, 8 August (three half-hour parts)
  • Details: In this documentary Jarvis explores the connections between British art schools and popular music.
BBC 6 Music - Steve Lamacq
  • Broadcast: 13 November
  • Details: Interview with Jarvis about his first solo album which was released today.
BBC London - Gary Crowley
  • Broadcast: 9 December
  • Details: Interview with Jarvis about his recently released first solo album, plus, reminiscences of Pulp's first ever gig in London and recollections of Jarvis' first home in the capital. The Boss got (probably) its first ever radio play.


BBC Radio 3 - Night Waves
  • Broadcast: 19 January
  • Details: Interview
BBC Radio 2 - The Weekender
  • Broadcast: Sometime in June, before Meltdown
  • Details: Jarvis was guest presenter on Matthew Wright's show promoting his forthcoming Meltdown Festival


BBC Radio 4 - Zine Scene
  • Broadcast: 15 January, 22 January (two half-hour parts)
  • Details: Documentary exploring the history of fanzines, presented by Jarvis.
    More details
BBC Radio 2 - Jarvis Cocker's Musical Map Of Sheffield
  • Broadcast: 1 July
  • Details: "Jarvis Cocker takes listeners on an intimate tour of Sheffield in this evocative Musical Map, creating a soundtrack of music to drive his memories, feelings and observations about his home town."
    More details
BBC 6 Music
  • Broadcast: 26 October
  • Details: Jarvis appears as a guest presenter, standing in for Stephen Merchant.
    More details
BBC Radio 4 - Today
  • Broadcast: 31 December
  • Details: Jarvis was the guest editor.
    More details


BBC 6 Music - Steve Lamacq
  • Broadcast: 22 October
  • Details: Jarvis was a panellist on the Roundtable review feature.


BBC 6 Music - Jarvis Cocker's Sunday Service
  • Broadcast: Sunday afternoons from 9th January.
  • Details: Weekly show presented by Jarvis.
    More details
BBC Radio 4 - Chain Reaction
  • Broadcast: 17 September
  • Details: Jarvis interviewed by Stephen Merchant


BBC Radio 3 - Sunday Concert (BBC Concert Orchestra: Electronica)
  • Broadcast: 3 July
  • Details: The concert was presented by Jarvis. This programme did not include This Is Hardcore, which was played at the concert with the BBC Concert Orchestra. More details here.
BBC Radio 4 - Start the Week
BBC World Service - The Strand
BBC Radio 3 - The Verb


BBC Radio 4 - Saturday Live
  • Broadcast: 31 March
  • Details: Jarvis was interviewed by Richard Coles. Promotion for the Wireless Nights radio series.
BBC Radio 4 - Wireless Nights
  • Broadcast: 5 April, 12 April, 19 April, 26 April
  • Details: Four-part series. Jarvis narrates stories about what Britons get up to during the hours of darkness.
BBC Radio 4 - Messy, Isn't It? The Life and Works of Richard Brautigan
  • Broadcast: 17 September
  • Details: Jarvis presented a 30-minute programme exploring the life and works of writer Richard Brautigan.
    More details

BBC 6 Music - Jarvis Cocker's Sunday Service
Every Sunday between 16:00 and 18:00.
More details / BBC website

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