Jarvis: 23 March 2011 - Other Voices (TV)


  • Broadcast: Wednesday, 23rd March 2011
  • Recorded: Saturday, 4th December 2010 (St James' Church, Dingle, Ireland)
  • Channel: RTÉ2 (Ireland)

This live recording featured Richard Hawley with Jarvis Cocker and Lisa Hannigan playing a series of cover versions. All songs were backed by Richard Hawley's band.

  • I’m Waiting for the Man (The Velvet Underground) (vocals from Richard Hawley)
  • Crawfish (Elvis Presley) (vocals from Richard Hawley)
  • Hushabye Mountain (Robert and Richard Sherman) (vocals from Richard Hawley and Lisa Hannigan)
  • The Girl On Death Row (Lee Hazlewood) (vocals from Richard Hawley)
  • I'm a Stranger Here (Lambchop) (vocals from Jarvis)
  • Pour Man (Lee Hazlewood) (vocals from Jarvis)
  • Moon River (Johnny Mercer / Henry Mancini) (vocals from Lisa Hannigan)
  • Memphis Tennessee (Chuck Berry) (vocals from Jarvis)
  • One Night With You (Elvis Presley) (vocals from Jarvis)

Songs with vocals from Jarvis featured guitar from Richard Hawley.

Additional broadcasts

Broadcast: Wednesday, 7th March 2012
Channel: As above

A performance of Something Changed, with Jarvis, Richard Hawley and his band, was finally transmitted having been recorded the same night as the cover songs listed above. This particular performance was held back for the first programme of Other Voices' 10th series (March 2012) to help mark the occasion. Transmitted before Something Changed was a Skype-recorded message left by Jarvis commemorating the show's milestone.


The following were not featured in the television broadcasts, but have been made available to watch on the Other Voices YouTube channel:

  • I Wonder If I Care As Much (Everly Brothers) (vocals from Jarvis)
  • Silent Night (vocals from Richard Hawley Lisa Hannigan and Jarvis)


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