Jarvis: Basque Country (song)

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  • Artist: The Lovers
  • Length: 5:25
  • Released: The Lovers (album) (20 January 2006)


  • Lyrics: Jarvis Cocker
  • Writers: Jarvis Cocker, Kevin Bacon, Jon Quarmby and Richard Barratt (aka DJ Parrot)
  • Performers: Fred de Fred and Marion Benoist
  • Producers: Fred de Fred and Marion Benoist with Dean Honer, Richard Barratt, Kevin Bacon, Jon Quarmby, Leigh Devlin and Robin Downe


It's easy to be a traveller when your home does not exist
To feel safer in the sky than talking face to face
Viewed through aircraft windows from a distance that is safe
Framed by cotton candy clouds the world's a lovely place

You care not for my people
buried underground
You're just glued to my ass
stop dogging me round
Just wanna see me in a basque
shaking it around
It's the same in every singles bar
in every single town

This could be the place you'll never have to leave

Check in is the best part, the sudden rush of sound
The sound and smell of something new to get your head around
No history, no failures, a new face on the scene
The endless possibilities to realise your dreams

Freedom fighters; everywhere's a prison; every place is a trap
Every town is a rabbit warren, where overweight playboys rap
Their inadequacy in dollar bills and push it down your basque
Make the client buy another drink and make the party last

And Sir, I'm just a Bunny girl, I'm not allowed to dance
I'm just a bedroom ornament - erotic furniture
But don't start building your home around me
Stop it with these walls, I don't have a home
Didn't I tell you?
I was just being nice so you'd tip me
Jesus Christ what is it with you guys

I just wanna place, I'll never have to leave
A place I'll never have to leave
I just wanna place where no-one wants to build their world around me

I don't want the world, just my own country
A place where I can finally be free
Where no-one wants to build their world around me
The Independent Republic
Independent Republic of me
Republic of me
of me

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