Jarvis: Capitol

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  • Artist: Daniel Knox
  • Length: 5:03
  • Released: Capitol (single) (31st October 2018); Chasescene (album) (7th December 2018)


  • Lyrics: Daniel Knox
  • Lead vocals: Jarvis Cocker
  • Music: Daniel Knox


I hold your hand
But break all the fingers
The mind is gone
The body lingers
But what use could it be?

And while you're asleep
And tremble with fear
I move through the house
Close to your ear
You're nothing to me
No, no

Behind the van
One moment after
The empty smile
The insulting laughter
You can't let it go, no

The hidden room
The buried treasure
The slight of hand
Repugnant pleasure
Is all that you know

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